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Yo! I'm me, You're you. Now we know eachother. :D I write bad songs. Well, i best be going. Catch ya later!! Peace, dude.

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SethKorn's News

Posted by SethKorn - July 2nd, 2010



Posted by SethKorn - January 12th, 2010

Hey, i'm probably gonna be taking a break for a while. so... See ya!

Posted by SethKorn - December 26th, 2009

Hey there, i'm gonna go to wyoming, so i'm not gonna write any songs for a while.

Hope you people aren't dead!

happy Chrishaunahkwanza.


Mykles is gunna kill yoo with a sporkz!

... Off to Wyoming!

Posted by SethKorn - November 18th, 2009

Whatcha think of the new logo over ther? Kinda sick rightt???? yeah. it is.

Ive gotten the full version of FL and it is sooo much nicer than the demo. Just being able to save is amazing.

I've made a few new songs, tell me what you think. They're alot higher quality then my pre-XXL songs.

Anyways, i gotta go do a shitload of homework.

Fuck math.


Posted by SethKorn - October 10th, 2009

Was amazing, as i thought it would be... Great acting, funny as shit, and throw in a little theme, and you've got zombieland. Although the romantic sub-plot was a little boring, it was improtant for the climax, which was pretty cool.

Go see it! RIP Bill :D

Have you herd of whitechapel? They're kinda new, been out maybe 18 months, i think. Their drummer, kevin lane, is amazinggg. Look them up if you like metal... haha.

Whats a good brand of longboard? I might get one in a couple weeks or so.

I dont really have anything to talk about... so...
*runs away*


Posted by SethKorn - September 1st, 2009

Okay so i saw the second instalment of Zombie's Halloween "Reimagining".


I don't know how he did it, but it was effing amazing. One of the best sequals evaa.

It was really violent. Like almost NC17 violent. It didn't bother me much tho. haha XD

The acting was really good, and the direction was amazing, it made you feel like you were really there, which i'm sure Final Destination couldn't do, even with the 3D (am i the only one mad that it made no. 1??)

It had almost a psychological aspect to it, that made the film more deep. Some people were turned off by it, but i thought it was a great aspect and added alot of depth to the icon that is Michael Myers.

Malcom McDowell who played Dr. Loomis did a great job of dipicting an asshole writer, it was one of the best performances of the film.

I'd Suggest you go see it. It's worth it.


What movies have you (or are planning) to see at the theaters?

Let meh know. haha.

Posted by SethKorn - July 21st, 2009

So, I watched the Haunting in Conneticut movie, which was pretty good, for a modern horror.

It wasn't Cramed with sex D:, but that does get a little annoying after a while, haha. It, as far as i know, stuck pretty close to the "True story" although the ending didn't
actually happen.

It was a debut film for Peter Cornwell, who did a marvelous job on connecticut. I'd watch it if you havent already.

I'd give it a 85/100


After watching that movie, i put in an old CD of Rob Zombie, and just remembered how badass he was.

Lol, if you haven't seen House of 1000 Corpses you're missing out on one of the most fucked up movies ever. lol.


I dunno why i'm ranting, all well.

Adios...? God i hate spanish...

Oh yeah, check out my dog! Her name is polar :)

The Haunting in Conneticut

Posted by SethKorn - July 18th, 2009

DUDE! You see that thingy, up there?? The one that sayz "SETH KORN ROCKS"??? Yeah, i made that! haha.

Yeah, i know it sucks, but it's my first ever logo or anything, and i think its pretty badass. lol.

Well, i'm going to buy "a haunting in conneticut" or however the hell you spell it, lol. I hope it's as good as the trailer was.


Hey, could you do me a favor, and review my newest songs? They don't have any, and i would like constructive criticism. lol :P I'd appreciate it. :D


I dont really know what else there is...


What's a good skateboard? Cause the element i have right now, is falling apart.

I'm kinda leaning toward an ENJOI, gotta love that damn panda :D

Well, PEaCE





Posted by SethKorn - July 12th, 2009

I dunno why people make updates, its kinda lame... haha.

Thanks so much to DJ - Tom for that pimp (Yes, PIMP) logo over to the left... he makes some good music too. you should check him out.

Also thanks for the music suggestions, lol :D

and, thanks for all your feedback on my horrible songs, it helped me alot :D

XD well....

Now what?

;laskjdfl;askdjfeowi xD
peace, people.


Oh yeah, whats a good movie? just saw the new Jason movie, cant say i'm impressed...

but there WAS like 20 sex scenes. lol. Classic horror... :D

Posted by SethKorn - May 30th, 2009

Music is good.


Hey, what are some good bands i should check out, i'm in desperate need of new bands...

Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


0 bombers are horrible, i've seen some really good peices of songs and movies have scores like 0.14 and shit like that...

Trolling gets you nowhere...

It's easy to be a douch online, but i'd like to see you try out in the world that actually exists...


Also, i write stories....


I haz a kitteh.