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Lol saw this on youtube.

I voted five, and it went up a point!

haha. good luck with getting it featured

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeah, this version's a bit different, the other one was too big for newgrounds lol


I can't believe you used my song, walking on ice!

You kick ass!

fartingchickenz responds:

haha, i cant believe u found it without my crediting u for it... srry bout that


That totally fucked me up, it was like a bad Acid trip...
But i liked it, the music was rather random, and so was pretty much everything about it. If you weren't trying to be glitchy and LSD-ish, this would totaly be a one. Nice work.. :D

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Hey, this is badass!

Really original, with the hi-hats carrying the song, giving it some speed, while the lead is hypnotizing.

I haven't been on here in like years, but I saw that you've commented on a bunch of my stuff, and I really appreciate it man!

Keep making music!


Some of the melodies clashed, but I liked the overall vibe of it. No complaints, really, nice job!

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review! Clash was sort of what I was going for, so I succeeded in my opinion!

Sorry about the delay

This is really nice, I dig your new sound!! I really don't like the piano intro sound, but everything else is spot on!! I really like the whole atmosphere! The sounds are a lot more crisp than your older stuff! No complaints! You've come a long way, Keep it up, yo!

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beautiful, you've captured the human spirit in just a few lines. BRAVO!!

but seriously, this is fukking hilarious. haha.

u iz artist nao!

(loved the dick person thing.. hahaha)

Your name is fuckking brutal too. lol.


I like your style, dude. :D

Zombiffix responds:

Thanks :D


Woah, you made this? I wish i could draw like that, i'm not quite sure what it is, but youdid a nice job on it. lol

I like it. :D

Yo! I'm me, You're you. Now we know eachother. :D I write bad songs. Well, i best be going. Catch ya later!! Peace, dude.

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