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Posted by SethKorn - May 30th, 2009

Music is good.


Hey, what are some good bands i should check out, i'm in desperate need of new bands...

Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


0 bombers are horrible, i've seen some really good peices of songs and movies have scores like 0.14 and shit like that...

Trolling gets you nowhere...

It's easy to be a douch online, but i'd like to see you try out in the world that actually exists...


Also, i write stories....


I haz a kitteh.


Dry Kill Logic. They're one of my favorite bands. :D

They're like a mix between drowning pool and slipknots older stuff.

Not bad at all XD

idk bout new bands... buuut, Secret and Whisper, Five Finger Death Punch, Oomph! (german band i think), Dropkick Murpheys, In Fear and Faith, and some of We the Kings, and Tenaciouse D... prefferably The Metal, Tribute, and, Bielzaboss

i've herd of all those band (although oomph doesn't ring a bell... XD)

you have good taste in music my friend.

I'm interested in reading your stories. I write a bit myself, and I love reading other people's stuff.

What do you write? I like reading other peoples stories, as well.

If you're looking for new music go to pandora.com and enter a few bands you like as seeds to create your own radio station. Then listen away. The site finds new bands and other music you would potentially like based on your pre-existing music taste. Good luck finding something to listen to. Also if you want something to read, post a comment on my page and I'll shoot you some links to some stories I've written. Who am I you ask? Nobody, but I write like the wind.

-Early Pink Floyd (A lot of people never listened to their first two albums)
-Gunshy (he's on Newgrounds)
-Metroid Metal (It's created by Stemage, but now he has a whole band to do it with him)

how could they not listen to the first two albums??? Those are the best!!

And i'll look the other three up. thanks :D